Puzzle Hunt

Collage of Puzzle FragmentsThe SUMS Puzzle Hunt is an annual online competition run by SUMS where teams compete to solve 20 puzzles over 5 intense days to gain as many points as possible. It is not a competition full of maths questions; there is a huge range of puzzle styles ranging from cryptic, picture, word, logic and a whole lot more. The aim of each puzzle is to reveal a hidden word or phrase – it is up to you to figure out how! The Puzzle Hunt is aimed at a general audience, so you don’t need to have any specialist knowledge about any particular subject.

First place wins $300, second place $200 and third $100 (in the form of Mastercard gift cards)! The first team to solve the Meta puzzle wins a special prize, and we also award a random prize to a non-placing team that’s solved at least one puzzle from each Act. Teams must contain at least one Australian resident to be eligible for prizes.

The Puzzle Hunt is absolutely FREE for anyone to take part. Each team can have a maximum of 5 members but there is nothing stopping you from registering as a solo team. Additional team members can always be added afterwards as long as there are fewer than 5 members.

SUMS Puzzle Hunts from previous years can be found below: