Current Semester

August 3: Semester 2 Mixer
August 7: Letters & Numbers @ ISL (with CrossSoc) (5-6pm)
August 10: How to find a derivative? – Gordon Li
August 17: Nobody solves the quintic – Dror Bar-Natan
August 24: The maths behind modern music – Jaden Costa
August 31How to lie with probability – Yang Song
September 7Life on cheat mode: an overview of Game Theory – Leslie Marsh
September 12A brief introduction to Ramsey Theory – Jonathan Zheng
September 19: ΣUMS Annual General Meeting
September 21An introduction to image classification – Damon Zhong
October 5Overview of Statistical Methods in Selective Breeding – Emi Tanaka
October 12Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorems: questioning the foundations of mathematics – Hazel Browne
October 19: Game Theory and Evolutionary Biology – Sida Yuan