Current Semester: 2018, Semester 1

March 8: Semester 1 Mixer
March 13: Letters and Numbers
March 15: A Better World with a Base 12 Counting System – Andy Tran
March 22Statistical Image Reconstruction in Positron Emission Tomography – Yiwei Mao
March 29How to get out of Jail – Shane Arora
April 12Mind, Maths and Megaminxes – Richie Lim
April 19Trisecting the angle: Neusis and other Tricks – Alex Babidge
April 26The Philosophy and Mathematics of Rational Decisions Prof. Mark Colyvan
May 3
Lightning Talks – Hazel Browne, Jaden Costa, John Su
May 10: Three angles on tropical geometry – Associate Prof. Stephan Tillmann
May 17Ramsey Theory – Dr Zsuzsanna Dansco
May 24n things you need to know about ΣUMS Puzzlehunt – Radman Zhang
May 31A Pore Man’s Game – Mike Watson
June 7: Week 13 Board Games