About Us

Sydney University Maths Society (also known as ΣUMS or SUMS) is a club for students with an interest in any and all things maths-related.

We’re most famously known for holding a weekly maths talk on interesting and exciting areas of mathematics. We have a proud tradition of providing a community to discuss maths-related topics while eating free pizzas for the past 40 years! We also host other events including cake bakes, career talks, maths relays, puzzle hunts, and trivia nights. More recently, we are also involved in mathematical outreach programs and women in STEM initiative to encourage their participation in mathematical sciences. Like infinite ΣUMS, our activities just goes on and on!

To Join

It is free for anyone to join! After all, ΣUMS is about bringing singletons (everyone) together!

If you’d like to become a member of ΣUMS, simply fill out this form so that we can add you to our members and mailing list. We typically send a weekly newsletter to keep you up to date with the events we run on campus.

Be sure to check us out on Facebook to keep updated on all our upcoming events! You can also check our calendar below.

Feel free to email us with any questions, comments, or suggestions as well!

2018 Committee
Role Executive(s)
President Shane Arora
Vice-President Edric Wang
Secretary John Su
Treasurer Yiwei Mao
Social Coordinators Johnny Lim, Terry Shang
IT Officer Cameron Eggins
Women’s Officers Edda Koo, Hazel Browne, Maggie Tong
Sponsorship Director Gordon Li
Puzzle Officer Radman Zhang
First-Year Representative Ryder Chen
General Executive Andy Tran, Richie Lim, Yinuo Han